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COVID-19 resources can be found below:

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TitleDescriptionVer.Date addedPreview File
.COVID-19 QRC Reference Guide


Nov 27, 2020 Preview
.COVID-19 Clinical Operations Reports



v1Mar 23, 2021 Preview
7.19a COVID-19 Search Client and Add Update Client Demographics Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19b COVID-19 Generate Investigation Search Report to Identify PHN Assigne... Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19b1 COVID-19 Generate Unknown Contact Report Assign Investigation Nov 2, 2020 Preview
7.19c COVID-19 Contact Investigation Quick Entry Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19d COVID-19 Case Investigation Quick Entry v3Feb 15, 2021 Preview
7.19e COVID-19 Linking a Contacts Investigtions to One Case Transmission Ev... Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19f COVID-19 Intervention Isolation Follow Up in Progress Oct 27, 2020 Preview
7.19g COVID-19 Adding Updating Signs Symptoms Observations Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19h COVID-19 Adding Updating Risk Factors Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19i COVID-19 Adding Updating Interventions Oct 17, 2020 Preview
7.19j COVID-19 Update Disposition Oct 21, 2020 Preview
7.19k COVID-19 Update Classification Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19l COVID-19 Contact Turned to Case Dec 21, 2020 Preview
7.19m COVID-19 View Lab Requisition or View Lab Report Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19n COVID-19 Investigation Outcome Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19o COVID-19 Responsible Organization Investigator Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19p COVID-19 Close an Investigation V2Jan 22, 2021 Preview
7.19q COVID-19 Re Opening an Investigation Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19r COVID-19 Assigning Out of Province Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19s COVID-19 Convert Unknown Contact to Known Contact and Link Case's... Oct 25, 2020 Preview
7.19t COVID-19 Add TE for Known Contacts Exposure Quick Entry Oct 27, 2020 Preview
7.19u COVID-19 Add TE for Unknown Contact v2Feb 15, 2021 Preview
7.19v COVID-19 Add Acquisition Event Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19w COVID-19 Adding Notes to Investigation Oct 18, 2020 Preview
7.19x COVID-19 Add Outbreak Code to Disease Summary Oct 30, 2020 Preview
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