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Immunizations – General

Can public health staff provide a Client Immunization Record if requested?

Yes, the Client Immunization Record report can be printed upon request. Ensure that you follow your regional policy on disclosure of personal health information when providing personal health information. See QRC 5.3

When doing data entry for vaccine given by a non-PH provider, do we use the facility as both the provider and the SDL?

The SDL needs to be completed but the provider can be blank if unknown.
Manitoba Health’s Immunization Inputting Form for Health Care Providers is now available for use. It includes a section to record provider. If filled in, the provider section in PHIMS can be completed.

Do we need to write a note when we delete an immunization?

Yes, it is best practice to document what you deleted and why. When you update or change an immunization, you should include what you changed in the comment section. Refer to QRC 1.12

What is the best way to document refusal of an immunization?

Refusal of immunization should be tracked in the consent for immunization. You can include a note to document your discussion re: the refusal and a warning to give providers a heads up. Refusals do not go under exemptions because this would cause the forecaster not to work correctly. See QRC 1.7.

It is Public Health’s obligation to offer vaccination according to the schedule. Client’s may decline today but accept an immunization in the future. Removing the immunization from the forecast could possibly result in someone not being offered a immunization in the future.  Use warnings for documenting clients that do not want to be called.   Best practice is to check for warnings each time the client record is accessed.

How do we enter and identify immunizations given in other countries?

Immunizations are to be added as Historical and in the comments indicate the country in which it was provided. e.g. “Records from Germany” or “Immunized in ….”

There are SDLs for each province and one for “Out of Country”.

Why does only an ‘X’ show by date of vaccine and not the reason for the ‘X’?

‘X’ means that all or part of that vaccine is invalid. The reason is not displayed but if you click on the hyperlink of the date for the vaccine administered, it will take you to the immunization detail page and there is a table to tell you which antigens are valid and which are invalid. The reason is not specific; for that you will have to refer to the Forecaster Business rules in the Reference section of the website.

Then you need to consider the rules (available on the website)
And look at the forecaster for advice as to what would be due next.

Do the immunizations documented in PHIMS show up on a client’s e-Chart record?

Yes. Records submitted through Physician billing and entered in DPIN are all sent to PHIMS via interfaces and these along with those immunizations entered directly in PHIMS are sent to eChart daily.

Are Tuberculin Skin Tests being documented in PHIMS?

Tuberculin Skin Test is not an immunization therefore cannot be added to the immunization record. It can be added to notes if for travel or occupational health. When we have the appropriate module it will be recorded there.

With PHIMS, is there a way to “look back” and see that the Forecaster has been run prior to immunization?

On the client immunization View/Add page next to the Refresh Forecast button is the last date the forecaster ran. It is always important to click the Refresh Forecast button each time before reviewing the forecast.

If a client is Inactive in PHIMS, does the Forecaster work?

The Forecaster will not work with clients who are Inactive in PHIMS.

Also, you cannot add an Inactive client to a Mass Immunization Event. Therefore, you need to make the client active. See QRC 3.16.

Does the Forecaster work for children that get two doses of the Influenza Vaccine based on Manitoba Health Guidelines?

PHIMS does not forecast for Influenza.

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