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Mass Immunizations

Can either the provider or a non-provider apply consent in a mass immunizations event?

Yes both the Public Health Nurse and Public Health Clerk PHIMS roles both have permission to document consent in PHIMS. However, it is up to the organization to provide guidance on which role has authority to do it from organizational perspective.

What do we document for event status if we do not have a signed paper consent?

Whenever you do not have a consent the status is by default Missing.

Can Consent Status in a mass immunization event be corrected if you have selected the incorrect one?

You can correct Consent Status, as long as you haven’t started entering the immunization information.

What is the actual date of Consent, the date the consent was signed or the date of the mass immunization event?

This is a organizational decision, but the recommended practice is to use the date of the mass immunization event as this is what the signer was consenting to.

Do we have to use paper consents for mass influenza clinics?

This is an organizational decision.

I can’t find my school in the drop down list

The school listing follows the naming convention from Manitoba Education Schools in Manitoba.


Check this document for the correct spelling. It may start with “”Ecole””. All public, private, and hutterite colony schools are listed. If a client is home schooled, use “”home School, Manitoba. If a school is missing in the listing, submit a request through your to your regional peer supporter or designate.

What is the process for getting class lists from schools?

This is an organizational process. Ask your manager. It is best to receive the list in an Excel format so that it is compatible with the Upload template.

If you immunize a client through a Mass Immunization Event and then mark them as absent, can you change their immunization status after the fact?

No, once immunized you cannot change the status. You would need to remove the immunization from the client’s individual record.

Can I make changes or modify a client’s individual record from a mass immunization event?

Yes. Click on the client’s name (displayed as a hyperlink) and click on the second Update button beside Personal Information. This action will set the client into context and then you can make your additions or changes. See QRC 3.10.

Is there any way a clerk can set the user defaults to reflect the provider name when entering immunizations, so the clerk does not have to look up the provider name every time?

Yes, if a clerk is using the non-provider recorded functionality, if the clerk selects the provider in her immunization defaults, the provider will be auto-populated when she uses non-provider recorded. This will occur regardless of whether Historical is set to Yes or No.

If clerk is using the Add Historical Details functionality, the clerk can select the desired provider and SDL. If Historical is set to Yes, these setting will be applied to the Historical immunization documentation.

Non-provider recorded will auto-decrement the vaccine in PHIMS. Add historical details will not decrement the vaccine. These changes would need to be made manually.

If you are a provider (nurse) and are applying immunization to a mass event on behalf of a casual nurse who was with you, would you enter as a Provider or Non Provider?

Even though you are a provider, because you are entering on behalf of another provider, you would use the Non Provider functionality (QRC 3.15) for entering individual immunizations or QRC 3.14 for entering batched immunizations.

When scheduling the forecaster in a Mass Immunization Event, when should it be done?

The forecast should be run on the day the event is created and then again just prior to the event.

Can I use the same Mass Immunization Event for each dose during the school year?

No. A new event is required for each dose.

Does the Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet allow for filtering (i.e. child to immunize first)?

The Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet has several filters, but there is not one for which child to immunize first. You could use your warnings as a flag but they will not be specific to that specific issue.

Can two people view the client Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet at the same time?


Can a client be added to a Mass Immunizations Event without a PHIN?

No. The client needs to be managed with a paper consent until they have a PHIN.

When there is a note on a client (student) record to support the warning created for an allergy, why does the ‘warning triangle’ show up on the Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet, but not the note?

Notes do not show on the mass immunization event worksheet. If you click on the triangle, it will display the warning. If you select the client and then click on Assess and Immunize, it will take you to a page that has both the Notes and Warning triangles. If there is a warning, there should be a corresponding note so if users need more details, they should look through the notes.

Why do I have so many separate pages for my Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet?

Printed Mass Immunizations Event Worksheets are separated by school, grade and class. If a student has not been linked to a school that student will show up on a separate page. It is a good practice to review the worksheet before printing it because it may help you pick up errors in school affiliation.

What do I do if I incorrectly enter an immunization provided on a Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet?

You cannot modify an immunization documented from the Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet. You would need to modify the immunization from the client’s individual record and author a note about why the immunization was changed.

You can modify the org, sdl, lot #, route, site, and dose and provider if you entered via non provider recorded. You cannot modify the date or the agent you must delete the immunization and enter a new one.

If the incorrect immunization date was applied to a Mass Immunizations Event Worksheet, can the date be corrected in a batch off the Worksheet or does it have to be corrected for each client individually?

Using the Mass Immunization Event function, Assess and Immunize, go into each individual client record, and delete the incorrectly dated immunization record. Then add the immunization with the correct date. This avoids having to search each client individually to make these changes.

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