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PHIMS Vision

To improve disease prevention and reduce the impact of communicable diseases in the Manitoba population.

PHIMS is aligned with provincial priorities and supports:

  • Better coordination by connecting health-care providers within and across geographic boundaries and organizations, and by managing and assigning work through the system to appropriate health-care providers
  • Real-time surveillance and earlier detection of outbreaks locally, regionally and provincially
  • Identification of individual and population-wide health needs
  • Shared management of communicable disease investigation between jurisdictions

What is PHIMS

PHIMS is an integrated, electronic public health record developed to improve and support communicable disease case management, outbreak management, immunization management, and inventory management.

When fully implemented, PHIMS will provide authorized health-care professionals in Manitoba with the ability to collect, share and analyze a wide range of health information that is critical for managing health problems such as SARS and other communicable diseases at the regional and provincial levels.

PHIMS is a secure system. PHIMS users must access the system using a user name and password. Remote access is also available via authorized computers at off-site clinics, schools or flu clinics via a secure service.

Currently immunization data from PHIMS is viewable in eChart.

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