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Organization Readiness

Technical/Site Readiness

Hardware Technical Requirements:

  • Memory (2 GB Ram)
  • Space (1 GB hard drive space beyond OS requirements)
  • Processor (2GHZ processor with dual core)
  • Display (1366 x 768)

Software Technical Requirements

  • Browser:
    • Google Chrome v.80 – 32/64 bit
    • Firefox 60 ESR – 64 bit
  • Operating System (min Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit); Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit))
  • Anti-virus Software
  • Encryption Software (example – BitLocker or TPM chip)
  • Programs (Adobe v7 or higher (for displaying and printing reports))
  • Printing (Local browser printing capabilities through Adobe and OS)

End User Readiness

Basic Computer Skills:

To attend PHIMS training, users require basic computer skills including the ability to use a mouse, perform a search and enter information through the keyboard. For an assessment of your computer skills click here.

Excel Skills:

To use many of the mass clinic functions such as creating cohorts for school clinics, users require the ability to manipulate data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. For a list of the skills required click here.

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