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Getting Access

PHIMS Roles and Responsibilities

Only approved sites that have been granted access to the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) may request accounts for users. All account forms must be approved by the site’s Authorized Account Sponsor and submitted by the site’s Authorized Account Requestor.

Each site or organization must identify authorized account sponsor(s) and authorized account requestor(s) to the Shared Health Service Desk. Below are the roles and a brief description of their responsibilities.

Authorized Account Sponsor (AAS)

  • Authorizes users at the site to access PHIMS.
  • Accountable for user account requests (Add/Modify/Terminate).
  • Accountable for user activity in PHIMS.
  • Ensures all users abide by the PHIMS Electronic Terms of Use Agreement.
  • Provides a yearly confirmation of all the Authorized Requestors for the site.
  • Ensures staff receive orientation and ongoing training about site/regional privacy policies and procedures.
  • Ensures all user(s) are PHIA compliant, and have signed a pledge of confidentiality.
  • Ensures any privacy breaches or suspected breaches are investigated and PHIMS account termination is submitted when necessary.

**Only the current Authorized Account Sponsors can appoint new Sponsors and Requestors specific to the site. Please complete the PHIMS Authorized Sponsor and Requestor Information Form to make any adjustments.

Authorized Account Requestor (AAR)

  • Completes and submits the Add/Modify/Terminate account request form to the Shared Health Service Desk.
  • Compiles the users that require access to PHIMS in order to complete the tasks to perform their job.
  • Verifies that PHIA training has been completed.
  • Ensures Authorized Account Sponsor is aware of and approves all requests for PHIMS accounts and associated roles/permissions.
  • Ensures each user is provisioned with appropriate role(s) in PHIMS.
  • Ensures appropriate training has been provided to all new users (one-on-one or self- study), and users are aware of how to locate and access support material before and while using PHIMS.
  • Verifies if a new user already has an existing Shared Health network account.
  • Ensures users has completed an Authentication Questions and Answers form and that it has been submitted directly to the Shared Health Service Desk.

Authorized User

A person permitted to use the PHIMS application to view, use, or update client/patient information in the PHIMS System Database under the terms and conditions of the PHIMS Information Sharing Agreement.

Authorized Report Requestor

A designated representative from a First Nations Community who has the authority to request PHIMS reports from the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB), Indigenous Services Canada/Government of Canada.

To sign up a New PHIMS User

  1. The Authorized Account Requestor from your Organization must complete and submit a Shared Health Account and Access Request form located on the Shared Health Intranet Account Management forms page. Please note this site is only accessible internally.
    For your reference, click to show all PHIMS Roles : PHIMS Roles
    ** If you require a detailed summary of PHIMS roles, Approved Authorized Sponsor/Requestors can send a request to Shared Health Service Desk at ([email protected])
  2. If Remote Access Service (RAS) for a PHIMS User is required, the Authorized Account Requester must complete and submit the Remote Access Service (RAS) request form approved by the Authorized Account Sponsor from your Organization. This service enables the user to connect to PHIMS from outside of the PDN Network.
    **Please note that there is a cost for this service; as indicated on the form. Click the link below to download the RAS form.
    Remote Access Service (RAS) Form

To modify existing PHIMS Account

Changing a user’s profile information

If a user’s Legal Name has changed, the request may be submitted by the Human Resources Department of the site, or the Authorized Sponsor and Authorized Account Requestor.

If a user’s account, role or labour classification requires a change, only the Authorized Sponsor and Authorized Account Requestor will:

Disabling PHIMS access

Should a user no longer require access to PHIMS a request to disable the user’s account should be submitted as soon as possible.

To disable access, the Authorized Account Requestor or Human Resources must complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the Account and Access Request Form (opens in a new tab).
  • Validate the user’s details, disabling PHIMS access on the account.
  • Email the completed form to Shared Health Service Desk.

If an individual is moving to another site or RHA and needs to maintain access to PHIMS, the AS/AAR will need to request the user’s account be disabled at the first site; and the AS/AAR at the user’s new site will need to request an account be created identifying their access level in their new position.

Immediate deactivation of PHIMS accounts

For immediate deactivation of an account (e.g. for suspected breaches or short notice employment terminations) the AAS or the AAR for the site must call the Shared Health Service Desk, providing the individual’s user details (i.e. full name and location), and request account termination.

Please speak with a live agent at the Shared Health service desk at 204-940-8500

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