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Privacy & Security

For PHIMS Users

PHIMS is an electronic public health record.

All PHIMS users must sign the Terms of Use Agreement. The Agreement describes your responsibility for maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information (PI) and personal health information (PHI) you access:

  • access PHIMS data only when required to complete your job
  • keep your passwords secret
  • do not let anyone log into PHIMS with your user ID
  • do not download PHIMS data or reports to USB drives or other insecure portable media or devices
  • Manitoba Health will audit use of PHIMS

Only use corporately managed laptops with hard drive encryption and updated anti-virus.

All users who access PHIMS from outside of the Provincial Data Network will be required to use Manitoba eHealth’s Remote Access security process. Examples of users that need Remote Access are those that work at mass immunization clinic events held at schools or in the community. If you need Remote Access, ask your manager to submit the request to the Manitoba eHealth Service Desk.

For more detail on your responsibilities as a PHIMS user, review the Terms of Use that you signed upon your initial login.

For Privacy Officers

If you are a Privacy Officer at an organization that will use PHIMS, you have a key role in helping your organization maintain administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure patient privacy. In addition, you are the liaison between your organization and Manitoba Health regarding all privacy-related matters. The information on this page will be useful in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Below you will find educational materials about privacy and electronic health systems.


If you have questions regarding Privacy and the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) please contact:

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