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The Public Health Information Management System

The Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) is a secure, integrated electronic public health record designed to assist public health practitioners in Manitoba to manage:

COVID-19 Immunizations
COVID-19 Investigations
Public Health
Other Health Providers

PHIMS was initially deployed in Manitoba under the name Panorama and the Manitoba Panorama Implementation Project. The name was changed to PHIMS in summer 2018 to reflect the range of functions available within the application and its many uses in Manitoba.

This website was developed to support health practitioners in Manitoba who use PHIMS.

This website is updated regularly so we encourage you to visit often.


*New items within the last 7 days*



AMActive Monitoring

COVID 19 QRC Active Monitoring Case Contact (09/13/21)

IUCIdentification of Unknown Contacts

IUC2 – 7.19 Unknown Contact With No Existing Investigations (09/13/21)

CN – Contact Notification

CN2 COVID-19 Contact Investigation Quick Entry (09/13/21)

5.0 Reports

QRC 5.9 Generating Unknown Contact Report (13/09/21)

1.0 Managing Client Records

1.0c Request to Merge Client (09/03/21)

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