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System Updates & Memos

November 2020
COVID Call Centres and On-Call PHIMS Support
November 2020
New PHIMS Internet Address and Supported Web Browsers
Chrome Bookmark Instructions
Firefox Bookmark Instructions
October 2020
COVID-19 Investigation Quick Entry Defect – Primary Investigator
October 2020
Off-Patch Communication
September 2020
URGENT – New PHIMS COVID Updates for Immediate Use
September 2020
PHIMS Regional Communication – SH-SS Go-Live
July 2020
System Update
Cadham Provincial Lab Interface Now Live
Service Desk Reminder
Website/Browser/Weblink Information
Client Merge
Social Engineering/Phishing
Immunization Updates & Reminders
Inventory Updates & Reminders
CDI Updates & Reminders
July 2020
Mass Imms Memo
School Mass Immunization Events and Consent Directives
July 2020
Cadham to PHIMS Interface Go Live Reminder – July 16, 2020
July 2020
CPL to PHIMS Presentation
Regional Info Session: CADHAM Interface to PHIMS presentation
June 2020
Cadham Lab to PHIMS Interface – Revised Go Live Update
May 2020
Cadham Lab to PHIMS Interface
March 2020
Public Health PHIMS User – Vaccine_decrement
March 2020
PHIMS Upgrade Memo
PHIMS Upgrade – Successful
March 2020
PHIMS Upgrade Memo
PHIMS Upgrade – Revised Go-Live Update
January 2020
PHIMS Upgrade Memo
PHIMS Upgrade
January 2020
System Update
NRHA now live with PHIMS CDI Module
New Investigation Monthly Report
New Website Resources
PHIMS Upgrade
Client Merges Inventory Updates & Reminders
Authorized Account Sponsors (AASs) and Authorized Account Requestors (AARs)
Privacy Reminders
December 2019
MHSAL Surveillance Unit – PHIMS Update
December 2019
PHIMS Regional Communication – NRHA Go-Live
November 2019
System Update
Inactivated SDL 
New Website Design
Updated QRCs and User Guides
Client Merge
Operational Change Freeze
Official registry address/MHSU address reminder
Customized Consent 
Forecaster Rules
October 2019
MHSAL Surveillance Unit – PHIMS Update
October 2019
Operational Change Freeze
September 2019
Website Changes and Digital Health, Remote Access Reminder
August 2019
System Update
Communicable Disease Investigations
Privacy Reminder
Receiving a Referral of STBBI Contact
Deployment to First Nations Communities
Website Changes
Forecaster Update
Inventory Update
May 2019
System Update
Communicable Disease Investigations
MHSU Address Reminder
Forecaster Update
Immunization injection site documentation
Website Changes
Inventory — Catalogue Item Update
SDL Report
Manitoba eHealth Organization Change
January 2019
PHIMS Windows 10 Upgrade Memo
November 2018
System Update
Funding and Data Entry
Investigation Documentation
List Reports Section
ASC Details Report
Reminder Regarding Upload Clients Function
DPIN Interface Changes
Windows 10 Upgrade and PHIMS
Adding or Updating MHSU address
August 2018
System Update
New name and acronym
Deployment to First Nations communities
New login page when accessing PHIMS remotely
Account management — completing and submitting forms
August 2018
Remote Access Service is ACTIVE
Remote Access Quick Start Guide – PHIMS
June 2018
System Update
Remote access service changes
User accounts reminders
AEFI Workload and Surveillance Report Update
Return expired vaccine products
Getting ready for the 2018/2019 school campaigns
Training Updates
Determining Pneu-P-23 eligibility
June 2018
Change in Panorama Remote Access service
Rh Clinic Panorama Go-Live
April 2018
System Update
Service Delivery Location Updates
Quality Assurance Report Requirements suggestions
Training and Support Tools updates
Adverse Storage Conditions
Forecaster Changes
Notice of Change Form reminder
Website Links
November 2017
System Update
User Defaults
Hepatitis B documentation of Historical Details
Hepatitis B questions regarding two dose schedule for clients born before 2006
Shared Postal Codes
Mass Events closure
October 2017
System Update
Funding and Data Entry
Train the Trainer refresher
Inventory Updates
New Name for Panorama
PHIMS User Group
Investigations documentation in PHIMS
Communications Log
Client upload
New Login
July 2017
System Update
Forecaster changes
Mass Immunization Event Closures
Login Screen Colour Change
Asylum Seekers
Immunization Records and Reminder letters
Naloxone Kits and Adverse Storage Conditions
PHIMS User Group
2017-18 Seasonal Flu and Pneumo Program Reminders
MHSAL Product Updates
March 2017
System Update
Login Changes
• How to log into your PHU Organization
• Setting Up Immunization Defaults
• Select Your Organization for Inventory
• Select Your Organizaton when Creating an AEFI Report
Inventory and AEFI Workload Organization and Surveillance Report Update
December 2016
System Update
New PHIMS Support Team Members
Adverse Storage Conditions (ASC)
AEFI reminders
New Reports
• Archive Immunization Record Report
• Client Count by Valid Doses (Seasonal)
Inventory Tips and Tricks
Forecaster Updates
November 2016
System Update
Influenza High Dose
AEFI Entry into PHIMS
Inventory Reminder
Website Improvements
October 2016
System Update
QRC Updates
New Reports
• Postal Code Report
• Immunization Count by Provider Type
PHIMS Dashboard Updates
PHIMS URL and Desktop Shortcut
Client Upload Reminder
September 2016
System Update
Minimum Monthly Inventory Physical Counts
Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI)
Forecaster Changes – Pnuemo-C-13
Mass Imms – Update Event Status
Client Upload/School Lists
Documenting vaccines given in multiple sites
August 2016
System Update
Merging clients created with client upload
Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI)
Forecaster Changes
• Hepatitis B Engerix
Influenza vaccine ordering
Issues in 2.5.7
June 2016
System Update
Edits to QRC 3.17 Managing Clients Incorrectly created during upload
Edits to QRC 2.3 Recording Provider Recorded Imms
Expired and Recalled lots for data entry
Forecaster changes
MHSC number
2.5.7 System UpgradeLogin Page
Gender Identity
Client Immunization Profile—View by date
Client Immunization Profile—new button placement
Consent page
Mass Imms School Association History
Issues fixed in 2.5.7
April 2016
System Update
Organization set up reminder
Inventory Catalogue Item Search
QRC 3.9 Update
QRC 3.18 Update
Forecaster change
Reminder to inactivate created clients
March 2016
System Update
DPIN Interface
CPS Interface (Physician Billing)
Calling MDA when receiving vaccine order
Rabies Vaccine – pre and post exposure
Documenting single immunizations given in more than one anatomical site
Documenting Exemptions
Correcting DPIN entries
Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) immunization records now in PHIMS
February 2016
System Update
Regional Organizations
RHA Organizations
Special Considerations
Consent for Tdap and Tdap-IPV in a mass immunization event
Client/Public Health Office Association
Drug Program Information Network Interface
January 2016
System Update
Mass immunization consent
Upload Client Function for School Clinics
Forecaster Changes
Client Merge
Reminder Recall Report
Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) Interface
Scheduling the Forecast for a School Mass Event
Wednesday Evening Outages
Forecaster Q & A
December 2015
System Update
Tdap Mass Immunization Clinic Set Up
Inventory Updates
Creating New Client Records in PHIMS
Mass Immunization Events
November 2015
System Update
Client Immunization Record Report—New Version
Setting Preferred Language in PHIMS
Change in name for inf-trivalent vaccine
October 2015
System Update
Postal code to SDL mapping
Saving PHIMS password in Firefox
Vaccine inventory orders
Using preview function
Correction to client records hep B dose
Documenting immunizations for active clients
September 2015
System Update
Reminder: Documentation of correct organization name and SDL
Cancelling vaccine orders with MDA
Create Client function
Student nurses
Inactivated influenza vaccines
Client addresses in PHIMS
Vaccine red flashing temperature data loggers
System performance
Reminder: Submit influenza orders in “draft”
July 2015
Vaccine Inventory
Managing Client Records
Mass Immunizations
Immunization Reports
Individual Immunizations
Clinical Advice
Changes to QRCs 4.0; 4.5; 4.6; 4.8; 4.9
Vaccine inventory reports
Maintaining school affiliation
Documenting neonate high risk for hep B to trigger the forecaster
Create Client function
Clients Created Report
Mass Immunization Event Worksheet
Client Immunization Record
Documentation of public health unit organization
Consent granted in error
Recommended immunization defaults
Changes to Manitoba’s routine immunization schedule and forecaster updates
Documenting unspecified polio
Documenting vaccines not in the drop down menu
Multi-site vaccines
Consent for influenza
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